July 2018

Pontiac Owners Association was called to order at Sam and Louie’s, Elkhorn, Friday, July 6, 2018.  Nineteen members were present with Chuck Merica, presiding.

Kevin Wagner spoke on the June 9th Sweet Cases for Sweet Faces Car Show.  $5100 was raised to be used for backpacks with basics, benefiting foster children.  Continue reading


June 2018

Pontiac Owner Association was called to order Friday, June 8, 2018 at Breadeux Pizza, in Ashland.  The re-scheduled meeting was announced thru e-mails and the newsletter.  Thirty members were present.

President Chuck Merica introduced new member, Mark Ervin.  Mark and his wife Jennifer are from Neligh, Nebraska and have 4 children.  Mark owns a ’69 Custom S convertible, which is a “step up from a Tempest”. Continue reading

May 2018

Pontiac Owners Association was called to order Friday, May 4. 2018, by President Chuck Merica, with twenty-eight members present.  There were four guests in attendance.

Dan Kumel, from Fremont, introduced himself.  Dan belongs to the Fremont Antique Car Club and brought flyers promoting the First Annual Poker Run.  Dan drives a ’65 LeMans. Continue reading

March 2018

President Chuck Merica called Pontiac Owners Association, to order, Friday, March 2, 2018, with twenty-four members, present.

Gayle Palmer introduced himself and Karen.  Gayle is from Fremont and is a new member with POA.  Gayle and Karen are restoring a ’69 Grand Prix.  They will soon travel to California to pick up another ’69 “parts” car. Continue reading